Where is the WV Pirate Party now? What is it exactly?

The West Virginia Pirate Party (WVPP) is a unique entity that operates as a political party advocating for its platform but has not yet attained the status of a political action committee (PAC). Here's an explanation of what this means:

  1. Political Party Advocating with a Platform: WVPP is an organized political group that has a defined set of principles, values, and policy positions outlined in its platform. It actively engages in political activities, such as advocating for its platform's ideas, raising awareness about specific issues, and participating in local and state politics.
  2. Non-PAC Status: While WVPP is actively involved in political advocacy, it has not registered as a political action committee (PAC). A PAC is a specific type of organization established to raise and spend money to influence elections and support candidates. PACs are subject to certain legal regulations and financial reporting requirements.
  3. Distinguishing Factors: WVPP's decision to not register as a PAC currently stems from several factors. WVPP focuses on issue-based advocacies rather than direct candidate support, and the desire to maintain flexibility in its activities.
  4. Advocacy and Civic Engagement: WVPP engages in activities such as community organizing, public outreach, educational campaigns, and participating in local government meetings. These efforts are aimed at promoting its platform, raising awareness of key issues, and mobilizing support from West Virginians who share its values.
  5. Political Influence: Despite not being a PAC, WVPP can still have a significant impact on the political landscape by influencing public opinion, engaging with policymakers, and potentially supporting candidates who align with its platform, albeit without direct financial contributions.

In summary, the West Virginia Pirate Party operates as a political party that actively advocates for its platform and engages in political activities without registering as a political action committee. This approach allows the party to focus on issue-based advocacy and grassroots engagement while still exerting influence on the political discourse in West Virginia. At any time, this changes an update will be issued.

Where are we now? 

WVPP is in its starting stages, raising awareness of a pirate party in WV, actively looking for members, whether it's to simply observe or participate in some manner. Regardless, thank you for your time!


Ty Clifford
WV Pirate Captain


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