West Virginia deserves energy credit

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I have been keeping tabs on specific topics and bills throughout West Virginia. The location is usually on the wiki (here), but I wanted to point out utility companies as of late.

The latest seen topic is an energy related bill. It seeks for people to receive full credit from the energy they contribute. It may be viewed here: WV HB5422 | 2024 | Regular Session | LegiScan

HB 5422 reads:

The purpose of this bill is to require the Public Service Commission to adopt a rule mandating electric utilities to provide full retail credit to customer-generators for electricity delivered to utility under net metering arrangement; and requiring commission to consider increasing allowed kilowatt capacity for commercial customer-generators.

Power companies are seeking to cut electricity to wholesale rate rather than paying market value.

Currently, the policy allows households and businesses to sell back their surplus solar energy to the electric grid at a fair market value β€” the same price the power companies charge other residential customers for that electricity. However, Mon Power and Potomac Edison want to change the policy so that solar customers are credited at a β€œwholesale rate” of $0.0663 per kilowatt hour β€” roughly half of the rate charged by the companies β€” rather than the market rate. --Mountain State Spotlight

I believe it is important people are credited at market value.

-- Ty

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