🀘West Virginia Party Platform

Let's work together to create positive, cost-effective, reliable and privacy-enabled solutions for West Virginia

Quality Broadband

West Virginia's rural areas are lacking in broadband. West Virginia's rural, town and city areas are also lacking in broadband quality. There are few choices for some citizens, leaving competition low to non-existent and pricing insensible. Unnecessary equipment fees, major downtime and artificial bandwidth caps need consistent addressing.

Internet service providers and cellular carriers alike should offer services accommodating residents, not profits. Bandwidth caps (how much of your Internet you may use per month) are mostly artificial, hindering accessibility, creativity and general recreational use.

Frontier has been courted by the Federal Trade Commission, by West Virginia for advertised speeds, and for numerous other things such as outright misuse of funds and lying on reports. In 2019, according to WV Record, Frontier has cost West Virginia five million dollars.

Say NO to bandwidth caps

We use the Internet differently today. Its services have expanded, applications have grown larger and more people in the household make use of the Internet.

A downloadable game has the possibility of ranging from 1 gigabyte to 100 gigabytes, but most AAA (read top grade) game titles average 4 gigabytes to 100 gigabytes. If ten games were downloaded being 100 gigabytes each, a Comcast bandwidth cap would leave you with only 200 gigabytes remaining.

Video streaming services also take up a considerable amount of bandwidth transfer. According to Netflix, ultra high definition or "4K" will use 7 gigabytes per hour. This leaves the possibility of one person averagely consuming 21 gigabytes of data per day or 630 gigabytes per month.

Bandwidth caps are wholly unjust.


Government affairs should be transparent and for the people. Open meetings, recording public officials, Freedom of Information Act requests (including leveling the associated costs) and more, West Virginia Pirate Party looks to keep and strengthen these rights.

Defending Your Privacy

Citizen privacy is of the utmost importance and rightfully citizens should have the ability, options and education on how governments and corporations are handling data. Citizens should have the right to expunge data from corporations.


There are some parts of West Virginia which are simply not accessible in regard to those with disabilities. West Virginia Pirate Party looks to help keep accessibility to a maximum for those with disabilities and the elderly. Working together to address shortcomings and find opportunities.


As one of West Virginia Pirate Party's core values is being accepting of others, bigotry is simply frowned upon.

Stay current, not stagnant

The West Virginia Pirate partially adopts from the United States Pirate Party platform. Considering this is a state party, WVPP is focused on topics related specifically to West Virginia and counties within. The party is still new and the platform will be ever-evolving. We shouldn't be stuck in our ways and we should be willing to update our goals when necessary.

Get involved now!

Work with other like-minded individuals in making West Virginia modern and moderate