Pirate Gangplank: Expanding the Horizon of the West Virginia Pirate Party

Ahoy, fellow Pirates and aspiring buccaneers of the digital seas! The West Virginia Pirate Party is thrilled to announce a grand mission – the Pirate Gangplank. Picture this as a daring voyage to onboard new states into our swashbuckling community, establishing a footprint across the vast territories of the United States.

What is the Pirate Gangplank?

The Pirate Gangplank is not just any plank; it's our mission to help new states hoist their sails and join the Pirate fleet. We're extending a hearty invitation to states seeking to embark on this adventure, and we're here to make sure their journey sets sail smoothly.

How Does it Work?

  1. Tutorials and Guidance: Our seasoned Pirates in West Virginia, and all existing Pirate states are ready to share their knowledge. We will help new states navigate the treacherous waters of establishing a Pirate Party. From creating a digital presence to organizing local initiatives, we've got you covered.
  2. Monetary Booty: To give your ship that extra push, we're offering a referral program that brings monetary credits to your crew. Refer new states, and both you and the newcomers get a share of the treasure. It's a win-win for everyone!
  3. Jitsi Meetings: The Pirate Gangplank isn't just about sending you off with a pat on the back. We're hosting Jitsi meetings to guide you through the technicalities, ensuring your ship is seaworthy and ready for the challenges ahead.
  4. Compass for Navigation: Every pirate needs a reliable compass, and we're providing one to help new states set their course. Whether it's understanding our values or charting a roadmap for local initiatives, consider this compass your guide through uncharted waters.

Why Join the Pirate Gangplank?

  • Community: Joining the Pirate Gangplank means becoming part of a vibrant and passionate community. Share the spirit of freedom, openness, and the pursuit of positive change with like-minded Pirates.
  • Support: The West Virginia crew is here to support you at every step. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where your ideas can thrive, and your initiatives can make waves.
  • Impact: By establishing a Pirate Party in your state, you contribute to the larger movement for positive change. Together, we can challenge the status quo and chart a course toward a better future.

So, if you're in a state eager to unfurl the Jolly Roger and join the ranks of the United States Pirate Party, hop on the Pirate Gangplank!

Contact us, grab your compass, and let's set sail on this exhilarating journey together. Arrr! 🏴‍☠️⚓🌊

Also, a meeting is coming up!

Ty Clifford
WV Pirate Captain


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