From Steal This Conference (USPP PNC 2024)

We be havin' grand tales from the annual PNC meetin', aptly named "Steal This Conference."

In the heart of the action, we cast our votes and elected our new crew to the PNC board. Here be the brave souls takin' the helm:

  • Captain/Chair: Drew Bingaman
  • First Officer/Vice-Chair: Ty Clifford
  • Quartermaster/Treasurer: Ben Horlick
  • Scribe/Secretary: Michael Cadwallader
  • Lookout/State Moderator: Rose Klein
  • Beancounter/Auditor: Dustin Etts
  • Swarmcare Manager: Sarai β€œSopphey {V}ance” Oviedo
  • Director of Online: Jamie O’Keefe
  • Director of Public Relations: Eli McGee

Ty Clifford indulged in the legendary Chicago style pizzas, courtesy of Mitch, Chicago's finest local pirate.

This grand gathering took place at the Bensenville Public Library, where we plotted new courses and forged stronger alliances.

Where will our sails take us next? Only the horizon knows! Until then, onward and upward, mateys!

Looking forward to our next adventure!

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