Captain Ty Clifford Elected Vice Chair of the United States Pirate Party: WVPP Sails Onward in West Virginia

In a momentous development for the West Virginia Pirate Party (WVPP), Captain Ty Clifford has been elected as the Vice Chair of the United States Pirate Party (USPP) as of September 9, 2023. This achievement not only reflects Captain Clifford's dedication to the Pirate Party's core values but also signifies a significant stride forward in the WVPP's mission to bring positive change to West Virginia.

A Captain's Journey to Leadership

Captain Ty Clifford, a dedicated advocate for open and transparent government, has long been at the helm of the WVPP's efforts to promote an inclusive, participatory society in West Virginia. His tireless commitment to the party's values and goals has culminated in his election as Vice Chair of the USPP.

Captain Clifford's journey within the WVPP and the USPP is a testament to the party's commitment to grassroots activism and its ability to empower individuals who share its vision. As he assumes this important leadership role within the USPP, he brings with him the hopes and aspirations of Pirate Party members not only in West Virginia but across the nation.

Grounding the WVPP: Collecting Members and Forging Ahead

While Captain Clifford's election is a significant achievement, it's important to remember that the West Virginia Pirate Party is still in the process of grounding itself in the state and gathering like-minded members. The mission of the WVPP remains clear: to create a more open, accessible, and equitable West Virginia.

To achieve this mission, the WVPP is actively engaging with West Virginians who share their vision of a society where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to live to their full potential. Whether it's advocating for quality broadband access, transparency in government, privacy rights, or social acceptance, the WVPP is committed to making a difference in West Virginia.

Join the Crew: Get Involved

If you're passionate about issues like internet access, government transparency, privacy, accessibility, and social acceptance, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of West Virginia by joining the West Virginia Pirate Party. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Become a Member: Join the WVPP and become part of a community dedicated to positive change in West Virginia. Your voice matters, and your ideas can help shape the party's platform.
  2. Attend Meetings: Participate in WVPP meetings and engage with fellow Pirates to discuss ideas, strategies, and initiatives.
  3. Suggest and Support WVPP Projects: Explore and contribute to concept projects aimed at addressing the unique challenges facing West Virginia.
  4. Volunteer: Offer your skills and expertise to assist with forums, the website, or committees, helping to strengthen the party's presence and impact.

The West Virginia Pirate Party is not just about its leadership; it's about the collective efforts of its members and supporters. Together, we can work toward a more open, participatory, and inclusive West Virginia.

As Captain Ty Clifford takes on his new role as Vice Chair of the USPP, the West Virginia Pirate Party sails onward, determined to make a positive difference in the lives of West Virginians. Join the crew, and let's chart a course toward a brighter future for the Mountain State.

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